Weight Loss

Although weight loss may or may not be your primary goal, it remains one of most popular goals for our clients.
Reduction in body fat percentage decreases cardiovascular risk as well as certain forms of cancer.

Losing weight will increase your day to day efficiency, agility, flexibility, and improve your physical appearance.
Our customized workouts are geared to ensure maximum caloric expenditure during your workouts, as well as increasing your metabolism 24/7.

Is your workout worth the time and effort?

Our high intensity workouts will ensure maximal caloric expenditure during and after your workout. By incorporating dynamic training principles, we will be able to effectively attack all of your muscle groups and your cardiovascular system in only 2 sessions per week.

How would you like to lose calories even after your workout?

By adding lean muscle tissue, you will burn more calories at rest due to an increased metabolism.
If you need additional help we are affiliated with registered dieticians to assist you with your eating habits.